February Update

I’m beyond tired.

Mark is on antibiotics for the second time in less than a month. The doctor thinks he’s aspirated something – food or his own saliva. He seems okay although yesterday he had a low grade fever. We’re waiting for results of a late afternoon chest x-ray. This time he is being kept in bed as he is on IV fluids and today he wasn’t allowed to eat anything, not by mouth or tube. There is a risk of aspiration both ways. So he missed today’s physio session. Hopefully he’ll be up tomorrow or Friday. Last time they got him on antibiotics right away, and he improved immediately. Let’s hope the same will happen this time. This is one of the risks the doctor warned me about – aspiration pneumonia or any type of infection or the ominous ‘second stroke’. I think the second stroke he had in August counts as that scary second stroke that can happen within a year of the first stroke, don’t you?

He’s not happy about staying in bed. He is miserable and hates the place. Lately he’s been very sad and keeps asking to go home. It’s such a challenge trying to keep his spirits up.

He is slowly doing better physically. He can move all the fingers on his left hand, but not the thumb, and he can gently give me a squeeze. He’s starting to wiggle his toes too. He is working on his abs and back muscles in physio and is doing great with sitting up straight without support. He calls occupational therapy ‘gimp therapy’, but he’s doing well there too. He’s very impatient and has to be told to slow down all the time. He seems to remember faces better than events. Most of the time he thinks we’re in Tel Aviv, for some odd reason. But when you ask him what hospital he’s at he’ll usually say “Baycrest”. So I’ll mention that we’re in Toronto when we’re talking, instead of correcting him all the time. He can see the CN tower from his window!

I’m asking for no visitors right now. He really only wants to see our girls, and our dog, at this time. I think a few days of quiet will be good for him. Plus we have birthdays coming up in our immediate family both this weekend and next weekend and I would prefer it if we can celebrate those alone with Mark.

I’ll post again when he is well and back into his usual routine. Thanks for understanding.