Update (finally)

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update. Sorry. I can only blame it on tiredness and the need to distance myself from the hospital when I get home at the end of each day. I have to be careful preserving my energy, and my sanity.

Rest assured, Mark is doing fine. He is progressing at physio therapy, eating well and maintaining his weight, and generally staying well. We never did find out why he had that last infection. These things tend to happen. Even this past week he had an elevated white blood cell count, but no obvious signs of infection anywhere. The wbc count is going down now and there isn’t a need for antibiotics. He will still see a hematologist soon for more extensive blood work.

We had very sad news in early March when we lost Mark’s mother, Peggy. It was very unexpected and we needed to take time with that. Mark was devastated, especially at not being able to attend his own mother’s funeral. This is something that he has not forgotten. She was a very loving mom, and came to see Mark every week, always bringing her homemade food especially for him. She is sorely missed.

Mark is showing definite signs that his left leg, the affected side, is recovering. He is now kicking a soccer ball with his left foot, while in his wheelchair, with his right leg restrained. This is really strengthening his leg and he is successfully kicking that ball! His left hand is getting stronger too. He is finally starting to move his thumb and he can control his wrist as well. The arm usually recovers after the leg and he is getting some movement in the arm now too.

His spirits are improving. This seemed to coincide with the beginning of baseball season. Mark is really enjoying watching the Blue Jays play right now. He is also loving being outside when the weather is nice. He’s starting to get a suntan! His memory is still not perfect, but he does make long term memories eventually. This week he told me, for the first time, that he knows why he is in the hospital. He said “I’ve become discombobulated”. Why? “Because I had a stroke.” His awareness is slowly improving, but there are times when he still thinks we’re in Israel. The way he sees it is, if we are in Toronto, why isn’t he at home? He starting to realize exactly how long he has been away from home now. It’s been nine months and it’s been very hard to live without him at home for such a long time. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’ll get there. He is determined, as we all are.



Family Walk

Family Walk

Last month we had beautiful weather and all of us, Mark, Ariel, Lila, Jamie (Lila’s boyfriend and the best wheelchair pusher) and I enjoyed a lovely walk around the neighbourhood.