Welcome Message from Blake


Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the Mark Silver Blog!

Since Mark had a stroke people have been asking how to help. This blog started with an idea of where we could set up a trust fund or some easy way that people could contribute to Mark’s family’s situation. This seemed a better, more organized way to deal with it. Also, I wanted to have a way that Mary could more easily keep everyone updated and maybe people could comment or respond, it’s all been one-sided for so long. This is a simple blog, have a look and just leave your good wishes (and perhaps some cash, Ha)

Please forward this link to anyone you think may or may not be interested. I’ve been doing my best but I suspect it’s through forwarding that I’ve reached my intended audience.

Thanks to Jordy for help and suggestions and thanks very much to Ashlea Fong (Mrs Barrett Axford, obviously a good sport) who helped big to get the ball rolling.

I’m probably going to fall back now and let Mary do all the updating……..until you know who jumps in!


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